Help Support the Eureka Herbal Self-Care Clinic

Attention Local Herbalists & Gardeners! We are lending our Support to the Eureka Community Self Care Clinic and hope you will, too!


"The Eureka Community Herbal Self Care Clinic wants to bridge two gaps in the Humboldt County area - the amount of unhoused and chronically ill people, dealing with mental health and addiction issues, with our large community of environmentally aware healers and health practitioners.  Often times, holistic healing practices are not accessible in communities  who lack time or resources, yet these folks are some who could most benefit.

Our plans to mitigate this, and to bring free herbal medicine, resources and education to unhoused and IV drug using populations, is to open a free drop-in clinic out of Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction (HACHR) in Old Town Eureka.  Our vision is to help folks from all income levels, backgrounds, and lifestyles to understand plants as their allies, to learn which plants can aid them in treating and preventing everyday ailments and common issues.  In order to do this, we would like to get access to materials, so that our time organizing may be more focused on getting out into the community and less on fundraising.

Here are a few things you (or your business) can do to support our program:

1) In-Kind Donations

2) Monetary Donations: There is a crowdfunding account set up at

3) Host a Pop-Up or Donation Jar

4) Spread the Word!


To learn more or offer aid, please contact Program Director Corinna Irwin at (707)407-6400 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.