Moonrise Herbs is proud to supply over 400 beautifully vibrant, bulk herbs and tea blends of the highest quality .  Whenever possible,our bulk herbs and teas are organically grown, locally grown or ethically wildcrafted. We buy from small companies to assure great quality, vibrancy, color and scent. We also love to create several tea blends ourselves. 

Questions we ask ourselves when considering new products:

How does it feel to us?

Does the company have a philosophy that feels good?

What is the cost? To us? To the customer?

Where is the company located geographically?

What does the packaging look like? Is is over packaged? Is it tasteful or gaudy?

Do they use recycled material when possible?

Is it a unique product? Does any store in town carry the same product?

If a supplement, does it have supporting literature?

What is the quality of the product? How well is it made? Are ingredients organic?

Is it fair trade?

Is it a small family owned company or a huge corporation or subsidiary?

How easy is it to contact the company for questions?