Moonrise Herbs Stone Information

(Excerpted from Love is in the Earth, by Melody)


Adventurine: Joy, mental clarity, calming, gambler’s stone, wealth, creativity, imagination, prosperity, and career success. Positive attitude.


Amethyst: Assists spiritual, psychic opening in a grounded way, Creativity, sobriety, courage, intuition, self esteem.


Apache Tears: Physical and spiritual protection


Bloodstone: Aligns charkas helps circulation, removes blockages, aids healing, especially post surgery or physical trauma


Blue Lace Agate: Activates throat, heart, third eye and crown charkas. Can be used to treat blockages from the nervous system. Soothes the eyes.


Carnelian: Strengthening, creativity, prosperity, lower back problems, encourages opening and curiosity, aids in finding a good mate.


Citrine: Dissipates and transmutes negative energy, prosperity stone (wealth), useful for balancing yin and yang energy, aligns the charkas with the ethereal plane. Stabilize emotions, dispels anger. Delivers comfort and optimism.


Clear Quartz: Powerful transmitter. Amplifies and directs thought form, healing energy balancer, promotes clarity, attunes one to higher self and to the earth.


Flourite: Brings order to chaos, discernments and concentration, assists relationships between groups and individuals. Clears air of psychic clutter.


Hematite: Pulls pain from the body. Brings balance and focus to any situation, grounding, concentration.


Howlite: Calm communication, supports artistic and emotional expression, facilitates awareness, dispels criticalness, selfishness, pain, stress and rage.


Labadorite/Spectrolite: Clears, balances and protects the aura, helps provide clarity and insights into your destiny.


Lepidolite: Alleviates despondency, reduces stress, restructures and reorganizes old patterns. Assists in birth and rebirthing, business pursuits, and diplomacy.


Leopardskin Jasper: Assists in pursuits based on service, helps one accept responsibility, eliminates toxins, decreases body odor.


Moonstone: Opens one to the feminine qualities; receptivity, sensitivity, intuition, clairvoyance. Moon energy, new beginnings, traveler’s stone.


Moss Agate: Acceptance, self-confidence, security, helps with hypoglycemia and depression.


Onyx: Centering and alignment, wisdom, intuition, memory, banishes grief, assists in mastering your future, feet and walking.


Petrified Wood: Business success, eliminates worries, grounding stone, hearing loss and incontinence, paralysis.


Red Jasper: Relaxation and contentment, mothering and nurturing,compassion, completion, organization..


Rhodonite: Calms, self confidence, gracefulness, tact, alternative choices, inner growth, heals old hurts and relationships, find romance.


Rose Quartz: Increases confidence, personal expression and creativity. Enhances all forms of love. Promotes healing and kindness, self love, happy children


Ruby: Stimulates heart chakra, assists in choosing and attaining ultimate values. Gathers and amplifies energy, promotes and stimulates mental concentration. Encourages gentleness, discourages violence. An excellent shielding stone, protects on all levels.


Rutilated Quartz: Breaks old patterns, childhood blockages. Heals and balances the aura. Tissue regeneration, builds immune system. Eases depression.


Serpentine: Clears clouded areas of the chakras, stimulates crown chakra, enhances meditative states, stimulates kundalini pathway. Opening.


Snowflake Obsidian: Stone of protection both physical and spiritual, truth stone.


Sodalite: Encourages harmony, balance, courage, communication. Strengthens lymphatic system, alleviates subconscious fear and guilt.


Tiger Eye: Protection, clarity, empowerment, willpower, integrates yin & yang, protection when you travel.


Tiger Iron: Assists in creative endeavors, prompts artistic abilities, helps to find refuge in danger, stimulates physical vitality.


Unakite: Hopes and wishes come true. Helps release those things that inhibit growth, enhances weight gain if focused on that for a specific reason.