Animal Totems at Moonrise Herbs

Bat: facing your greatest fears by opening to power, preparation for change

Bear: introspection, beginnings, primal instincts, awakens power and brings it to light

Buffalo: prayer, gratitude and praise, signals a time of abundance and plenty

Cat: independence, night vision, curiosity, healing, cleverness, protection, healing

Dog: loyality, protection, service, ability to love, companionship, strong spirit

Dolphin: keeper of the sacred breath of life, creates rhythm, teaches how to release emotion

Eagle: spiritual power, illumination, of the earth but not in it, connection to the divine

Elephant: power, strength, royalty, family and societal ideals, powerful sense of smell

Fish: movement and change, elements of the unknown, energy of transformation

Frog: metamorphosis, seeing and hearing, magic of water and earth, abundance, cleansing

Giraffe: farsightedness, intuition, moving toward the future, balance and progress

Hippo: water meets earth, tenacity of path, understanding of what is below the surface

Horse: physical power, unearthly power, balance of self and others, freedom of movement

Lion: lessons of community, stealth, power of feminine energies
turtle: symbol of mother earth, personification of the Goddess

Lizard: medicine of dreamers, help to face your shadow, intuition, ability to perceive subtle movement

Otter: lessons in female energy, earth and water, curiosity, joy for others, sharing bounty

Owl: associated with wisdom, clairvoyance, astral projection and magic
rooster: sexuality, vigilance, directness, protection from spirits that roam at night

Panda: solitary, watching from heights, tenacity, can do anything with hard work

Penquin: lucid dreaming, astral projection, ability to move freely

Pig: intellegence, solid routine, clairsentient, clairaudient, unwillingness to accept unjust actions

Rabbit: fertility, sexuality, facing your fears, moon animal, movement in leaps and hops

Rhino: the comfort of solitude, acute hearing, acute sense of smell, spiritual idealism

Sea turtle: taking your home with you, longevity, survival, primal essence, earth and water

Shark: protection, the requirement of solitude, incredible sensory abilities

Snake: rebirth, transformation, initiation, wisdom, creativity, fire
butterfly: metamorphosis, air, clarity of process

Squirrel: planning ahead, being prepared, balance between gathering and hoarding

Tiger: passion, power, devotion, sensuality, ferocity

Wolf: pathfinder, loyalty, balance of self and family, teacher, wild spirit, intelligence and hearing

Information compiled from Animal Speak (Ted Andrews), Medicine Cards (Jamie Sams), Cycle of Power (Sayahda)